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Choose an At-Home Early Baby Gender Reveal Test package that's right for you

3 options to choose from. Same accurate results. Works as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy. Simple, straightforward pricing. No hidden fees. One time charge. eGenderTest your way.

Most Popular

Bronze Package

Perfect for those who can wait to get their baby's gender results

Early Gender Detection Collection Kit
Standard DNA Lab Services – 5 Business Days to deliver results upon receipt of sample
98% accuracy – Results guaranteed

Silver Package

Get Express DNA lab service with fast results

Early Gender Detection Collection Kit
Express DNA Lab Services – 3 Business Days to deliver results upon receipt of sample
98% accuracy – Results guaranteed

Gold Package

Get Super Express DNA lab service with faster results 

Early Gender Detection Collection Kit
Super Express DNA Lab Services – 1 Business Day to deliver results upon receipt of sample
98% accuracy – Results guaranteed

*Free Shipping both ways with tracking information for all domestic US-based orders.

**International shipping & handling fee with tracking is $85 (one-way shipping only, custom duties and taxes are included in this fee).  We ship anywhere in the world except China and India. International customers pay for their own return mailing fees separately.

Baby's Gender Test with a 98% accuracy rate as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy
eGenderTest helps mothers-to-be and parents determine their babies’ gender earlier and more accurately than any other methods, including urine and ultrasound tests. This test is used by clinicians around the world as an additional component to their services, featuring:

  • Safe for mother and baby

  • Non-invasive, easy to use

  • 98% accuracy rate

  • Dried blood samples can be safely transported worldwide

How does eGendertest work?
The test is based on the presence of cell-free fetal DNA which comprises 3.4%-6.2% of DNA in the blood. eGenderTest uses quantitative real-time PCR and advanced dried blood spot technology to accurately detect the presence of fetal male DNA using a small amount of blood from the expectant mother. If male chromosomal DNA is detected, the baby is a boy. If no fetal male DNA is found, the baby is a girl.  

Sample Collection and Testing Procedure

Sample collection is fast and easy. Only a few drops of finger prick blood samples are needed from the mother-to-be. Dried blood samples are sent directly to the eGenderTest laboratory. The specimens are processed in the eGenderTest laboratory and results are released in 1, 3 or 5 business days, depending on the package you choose.

3-Step Process for

Collecting Specimens


Step 1

Prick your finger using the lancets supplied in the eGenderTest collection kit.


Step 2

Massage the pricked finger until a drop of blood appears.


Step 3

Blood samples are blotted and dried on the blood collection card included in the kit. Samples are then sent back directly to eGenderTest Lab for testing and analysis.

What's included in the eGenderTest Collection Kit?

Collection Kit Contents


Easy-to-Follow Instructions

blood collection instructions.png


After completing sample collection, how do I return the sample to eGenderTest Lab?

Returning your DNA samples back to eGenderTest Lab is simple. Simply insert the blood collection card into a small pouch provided with the kit and seal the pouch (the small pouch must be sealed completely to protect your DNA samples), then place the sealed pouch in the pre-labeled envelope, and drop the sealed envelope in the mail. The bubbly envelope is small with approximately 4” x 8” in size, making it easy for you to just drop it in the mailbox at your local post office, or use any of our preferred carriers, including DHL, FedEx, and UPS, to send your DNA samples back to our lab for testing.


A prepaid self-addressed return envelope is provided for all United States domestic orders.  

International orders do not come with the return mailing postage. For international customers, take the pre-labeled envelope included with the kit to your local post office or use any expedited shipping carrier (DHL, Fedex, etc.) of your choice. We recommend using an expedited carrier for return mailing to avoid delays. The 4” x 8" bubbly envelope weighs just 0.44 lbs or 0.2 kg. It's cost-effective for international customers to mail the sample back to our lab.

Does the sample need to be refrigerated?

No, the sample does not need to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Blood sample is dried on the blood collection card without the need for refrigeration or specialized packaging. Keep your sample at room temperature and do not store at or above 50°C (122°F).

What happens if there are shipping delays?

In the case where shipping is delayed when we ship the collection kit to you:
The estimated ship dates are provided to us from the carrier. Due to unforeseen circumstances, shipping delays may occur and it's beyond our control. If your collection kit order does not arrive within the Estimated Delivery Date, please allow an additional 3 business days before contacting Customer Service. We will assist you in tracking the package and resolving any shipping issues. For international orders, delivery times vary depending on location and local customs procedures. Our carriers are estimating 3-5 business days for international shipments. We will provide tracking information when your order ships.

In the case where shipping is delayed when you return your DNA samples to us:
Shipping delays happen beyond our control. However, rest assured that your DNA blood sample is safe and would not be affected as long as you place the sample in the small protective silver pouch and the pouch is properly sealed. eGenderTest’s dried blood spot technology protects and preserves the DNA samples, allowing your samples to be safely transported to our laboratory for analysis.

What is the eGenderTest Refund Policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied when you purchase eGenderTest Lab's products and services. We stand behind the products and services we provide. However, in the event that the result of the test is incorrect, we will provide a refund equaled to the price of the lab fees for the package that you purchased. Refunds are issued after your baby is born. A copy of the birth certificate is required. For more information, please see our refund policy in the FAQ’s page.

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