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Reveal Baby Gender Shower

At-Home Early Baby Gender Reveal DNA Test

Are you pregnant? If so, congratulations on your pregnancy! Now, you're probably curious... asking yourself, "Am I having a girl or a boy?"


Like many expectant mothers, you probably want to begin preparing as quickly as possible for the birth of your new baby, and cannot wait to share the news with family and friends regarding the gender of your unborn child. Now eGenderTest allows you to prepare for your pregnancy, build strong family bonds, and share the joy of discovery – early.

We make it easy, fast and affordable for you to find out if you are having a baby boy or baby girl in the comfort of your home.
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With independently verified accuracy of 99%, eGenderTest is the most trusted at-home gender test on the market, far exceeding the results of urine testing and earlier than any ultrasound tests in detecting baby's gender. 

eGenderTest uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques with Advanced Dried Blood Spot technology, providing you with the earliest and most accurate method of gender detection with just a few drops of blood sampling. 

Celebrate and share the joy of discovery with your family and friends just weeks after discovering that you are pregnant!

Click here to calculate and determine your Early Gender Testing Eligibility Date.

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