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About eGenderTest

eGenderTest Lab offers informative biotech applications directly to consumers. Our flagship product eGenderTest, a highly accurate DNA gender test, is recognized worldwide. The company has recently bundled its DNA testing technologies with a pregnancy DNA test kit, designed for pregnant women who want to know the sex of the unborn child soon after they become pregnant. 

eGenderTest™ is about empowering mothers-to-be around the world to detect their baby's gender in as early as 6 weeks. We access and apply the mother's genetic information for scientific testing to obtain gender results. These results, once embraced, bring a sense of happiness, sharing and desired planning as expectant parents move towards the bonding, love and amazing journey that comes with parenthood.

eGenderTest accurately detects baby's gender early, revealing the joy of discovery.
Expecting a Sibling

eGenderTest™ is a leader in the newly emerging industry of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services. The company offers a growing line of products, enabling consumers to seek an easy-to-do, affordable test which allows them to plan ahead, prepare for life changing events, and address specific lifestyle choices. These DNA tests are based on individual’s genetic profile and provide information on how the consumer can adjust lifestyle to a particular issue; whether it involves how to plan for a newborn baby boy or girl, or any health-related tests.

Mother and Newborn
We access the mother's genetic information through advanced scientific testing to obtain gender results. 

The company markets its first product to a global market. The eGenderTest™ Early Baby Gender DNA Blood Test is a ‘first of its kind’ test. The product is poised for a position as a gender detection kit for women trying to get pregnant. It enables the mothers-to-be to determine the sex of the unborn child as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy. Until recently, expectant mothers usually waited at least five months into their pregnancy before they could rely on an ultrasound to ascertain the gender of their child. In addition, ultrasounds are only about 80% accurate and often must be repeated multiple times in order to confidently determine the child’s gender.

The revolutionary eGenderTest™ Early Baby Gender DNA Blood Test is dependent on fetal DNA found in the mother's blood. It permits much earlier detection than an ultrasound, and enables sample collection in the privacy of one’s own home. Neither a visit to the physician nor a physician’s prescription is required for testing in most areas.

eGenderTest™ Early Baby Gender DNA Blood Test is the first of a continuing series of affordable and accessible genetic tests to assist consumers with enhancing the quality of their lives by utilizing recent genetic discoveries.

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