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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process from start to finish for finding out if I’m having a boy or girl?

  1. Order an eGenderTest At-Home Early Gender DNA Blood Test kit online.

  2. Your eGenderTest™ collection kit typically arrives in 2-5 business days for US orders depending on the package you purchased. Note: International orders take 3-5 business days. 

  3. Confirm your Eligibility Testing Date using our Early Gender Test Eligibility Calculator before collecting the sample.

  4. Collect a small finger-prick blood sample in the convenience of your home.

  5. Send your DNA blood sample back to our laboratory using a pre-labeled return envelope that comes with the collection kit.

  6. Upon receipt, eGenderTest™ lab will process your DNA blood sample.  When your lab test results are ready, you'll be notified by email.  Log in to your online account and get the exciting news of “It’s a BOY” or “It’s a GIRL”.

Does eGenderTest replace an Ultrasound?

No, eGenderTest does not replace an Ultrasound. Ultrasounds are used for medical and/or health reasons and not just for checking the baby's gender. Studies have shown that ultrasounds have an accuracy rate of less than 85% before 12 weeks and are greater than 99% accurate at 21 weeks post-conception. Because it can take from five to six months to tell the gender of your baby using the ultrasound, we offer you eGenderTest.

eGenderTest is made for the mother who is excited to know the gender of her baby! eGenderTest is a unique DNA-based test that tells you whether you are having a boy or girl at 6 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period.

eGenderTest is a service providing information that has no impact on the health of the mother or the baby. eGenderTest makes no medical diagnoses, recommendations, treatments, or medical or health claims.

How soon can I use the eGenderTest to find out if I’m having a baby girl or boy?

If an expectant mother is 6 weeks from the first day of her last menstrual period, she is eligible to use the eGenderTest. Use our Online Conception / Due Date Calculator to calculate your Eligibility Date using either the date of your last menstrual period, or the Projected Due Date, as determined by a medical professional. Your eligibility is strictly based on this calculation. Thus, it is extremely important that you provide us with the most accurate LMP date or Due Date. Intentional miss-reporting of these dates voids our warranty.


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How accurate is eGenderTest?

eGenderTest is 99% accurate based on an internal survey by our quality control department. The company has implemented a program that monitors our accuracy rate and service quality on an ongoing basis. You will be offered the opportunity to participate in our ongoing quality monitoring program during your ordering process. 

When should a mother NOT take the eGenderTest?

Do NOT take the eGenderTest if any of the following conditions are true:

  • You had a miscarriage or termination within three months of your current pregnancy

  • You have had a bone marrow transplant from a male in your lifetime

  • You have had a blood transfusion within the last 18 months

  • You are taking medication to treat blood-related conditions and/or undergoing anti-coagulant therapy.

  • You are less than 6 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period

eGenderTest is not recommended for individuals that fall in any of the categories above.

If you have any questions, please email

Are there factors that affect the accuracy of eGenderTest?

There are several factors which may affect the accuracy of a eGenderTest result. Some of these factors can be controlled and minimized by the customer and/or laboratory while others are independent factors that cannot be influenced.

Factors which could affect the accuracy of eGenderTest and which can be minimized:

  • Not following the directions carefully: improperly handling kit components, improperly washing hands and not sanitizing the collection area

  • Contaminating the sample: allowing a male to handle kit content or assisting with sample collection.

  • Taking the test earlier than 6 weeks into pregnancy

  • Having a recent transfusion, miscarriage or abortion

  • Providing an insufficient blood sample

  • Leaving the sample in a hot environment

Factors which could affect the accuracy of eGenderTest which cannot be controlled:

  • Having naturally low levels of fetal DNA: studies have determined that up to 2.8% of women have naturally low levels of fetal DNA. While eGenderTest is much more sensitive than the methods used in those studies, there may still be women whose levels of fetal DNA are too low even for our test to detect. This is a difficult statistic to measure but we anticipate it is to be less than 2%.

  • Vanishing Twin: some pregnancies begin with more than one fetus but very early in the pregnancy, one of the fetuses terminates. In many cases, this occurs without the woman’s knowledge. If the “vanishing twin” is male and the remaining fetus is female, the results of eGenderTest may be incorrect.

  • Previous male pregnancy: in very rare cases, fetal cells may remain in the mother’s body several years after birth. Our technology can detect some of this DNA as a form of contamination, however, there may be cases where the accuracy of the test may be affected by this rare occurrence.

  • Having a bone marrow transplant from a male donor, blood transfusions, miscarriages or abortions: our technology can detect DNA from previous male pregnancies or from male blood/marrow donors as contamination in most cases. However, there may be instances where the accuracy of our test is affected by any of these conditions.


What is the science behind eGenderTest?

In 1990, researchers discovered that there is fetal DNA in an expectant mother's blood (Lo et al). In a natural process, fetal cells die and pass into the mother's bloodstream. As these cells break down, their DNA is released into the mother's own circulatory system. The cells decompose and free DNA is released into the mother's bloodstream. Using the mother's DNA sample, we can determine if there is Y-specific chromosomal DNA. If we detect Y-specific chromosomal DNA, the fetus is male. If there is no Y-specific chromosomal DNA, the fetus is a female.

Additionally, eGenderTest has developed the science for accurately detecting baby's gender with a just few drops of dried maternal blood. And eGenderTest is currently one of the only labs to offer this convenient and safe sampling method commercially.

Has the science behind eGenderTest been proven?
Numerous research groups have used detection of cell-free fetal DNA to determine the gender of a fetus. These studies have been published in scientific journals and are available for your review.

Can I use eGenderTest if I have a multiple birth pregnancy, including twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, etc.?

Yes. You may use eGenderTest if you are carrying more than one fetus. eGenderTest will not determine the number of boys or girls you are expecting. eGenderTest only detects the presence or absence of DNA from the Y-chromosome. Therefore, the test will only tell you if you're expecting at least one boy or only girls.

Can I use eGenderTest if I had a recent miscarriage?
Women who have recently experienced a miscarriage must wait at least 3 months before they can use eGenderTest. If it has been at least 3 months since the miscarriage, then you are eligible to use eGenderTest.


Can I use eGenderTest if I had in vitro fertilization?
Yes. If you have recently had in vitro fertilization, you are eligible to take the test 6 weeks after transfer of the embryos.


How can I order the eGenderTest kit?

You can order eGenderTest online any time, from anywhere in the world (except China and India). Online transactions are securely processed through Wix payment platform. We do not store or have access to your credit card information when you purchase on

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders placed by 3:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time are shipped the same day. You will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number shortly after your package has been shipped.

Can I order the test before I am 6 weeks pregnant?

You can order the test at any time but you must wait until your eligible testing date to collect the sample. The laboratory will not process samples collected before 6 weeks into pregnancy.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and money orders. Personal checks must clear before a sample can be processed.


Where can you ship eGenderTest?

eGenderTest can be sent anywhere in the world except the State of New York and international countries, including India, Nepal, and China. Collection kit and samples cannot be shipped to or received from these locations.

Examples of countries we have serviced are: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa and many more!

Why is eGenderTest not available in China, Nepal and India?

Due to the high incidence of gender selection in China, Nepal, and India, it is our policy not to service these countries. No exceptions can be made.

Why is eGenderTest not available in the State of New York?

New York state's regulations regarding DNA-based tests are quite stringent. All DNA-based tests must be ordered through a physician, and the laboratory performing the tests must obtain clearance from the state. Due to these requirements, eGenderTest is not available to NY residents at this time.

What method do you use for shipping?

Our preferred couriers are Unites States Postal Service (USPS), DHL, and FedEx. We offer free shipping for all US-based domestic orders. For all domestic United States-based Gold package orders, we provide expedited shipping services by using USPS, DHL or FedEx shipping services, which are fast and efficient. We provide tracking information for all orders.

For all international orders, an $85 shipping fee (one-way shipping only) will be applied. This fee includes customs and duties so you do not have to worry about paying for any import tax or customs fee. International customers pay for their own return shipping fees separately.  

How quickly will you ship my order?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders placed by 2:00 P.M. PST are shipped the same day. You will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number shortly after your package ships.

How long does shipping take?

eGenderTest currently uses USPS, DHL and FedEx. It takes approximately 1-5 business days within the 47 continental United States, and 3-5 business days to arrive to the destination for countries outside the US – these estimates are given to us by our carrier; we have no control over any delays that may arise during the shipping process. Note that 4-5 deliver days for Bronze package, and 2-4 delivery days for the Silver and Gold package only apply for domestic "US-based" orders. Note: shipping time may take longer and is expected to be delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic.  

What is included in the eGenderTest collection kit?

The eGenderTest collection kit includes:

  1. Alcohol wipes to clean your finger

  2. Lancets to prick the finger

  3. Blood collection card (DNA preservation card) to collect the specimens

  4. Blood collection card pouch for storing and protecting the blood collection card

  5. Bandages

  6. Step-by-step instructions to guide you

  7. Envelope for mailing the sample back to our lab

Does the kit expire?

The kit does not expire. All contents of the kit are non-perishable. If you purchase your kit and choose to wait to complete the test, simply keep the kit in a clean environment to prevent contamination until you are ready to use it.


How soon can I get my results?

You can get your gender results in 1 or 3 business days from the day our lab receives your DNA sample, depending on the type of package you purchase. For example, with Gold Package, if we receive your DNA sample on Monday, you will get your baby's gender results immediately the next business day on Tuesday; with Bronze Package, you will get your baby's gender results on Thursday – in 3 business days.

By what methods can I get my results?

You will receive your results via the following method:

  • Email: an email containing the result will be sent to you as soon as our lab has completed processing and analyzing your DNA sample.

  • Your eGenderTest online account: a notification will be sent to you eGenderTest account. Log in to view your lab test results. 


What is your refund policy regarding wrong results?

At eGenderTest, we are confident in every result we disclose. If, however, we were wrong, we would issue a refund to you in the amount equals the price of the laboratory fee. Simply provide documentation (acceptable forms include documentation of amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), or birth certificate) and we will begin processing your refund. Refunds are processed in 3-5 weeks and refund requests must be received by 15 months after purchase of the eGenderTest collection kit.​ Refunds are issued for the lab fees only: $59 for a Bronze package, $99 for a Gold package, and $179 for a Platinum package, and do not include any shipping or handling charges.

What is your retest policy?

At eGenderTest, we strive to provide our customers with quality services that meet or even exceed their expectations. In the event we cannot process the sample due to improper administration of the test, including contamination of the blood collection card, taking the test prior to 6 weeks of pregnancy, or insufficient blood in the sample, we may request the customer to prepare another sample for testing. If there's a retest, we will send a second set of collection kit at no cost to the customer, and we will not request the customer to pay additional lab fee. If the customer does not want to proceed with the retest, a refund of the lab fees will be issued.

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