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The Stories Behind The Question: Is It a Boy or Girl?

Hear what some of our clients have said about us. At first I was skeptic of using this kit. But after reading about how it works, it made sense. So I and a bunch of my Bible Study gals worked on performing the test. Several days later I found out I had a girl. Even though I still had my doubts... I went into get my ultrasound done weeks later and it was confirmed. We're having a baby girl. We're so excited and we're glad we found out early!

Thanks again for this great product!

-Catmy Bui
San Jose, CA

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I wanted to write and commend you on a great service, which proved 100% accurate after our ultrasound exam today. We're very excited and your service helped us find out 8 weeks before the ultrasound could. I would recommend the service to anyone and I have to say that I researched many similar services on the web before picking eGenderTest. This is very exciting for us and thanks for the great test. It really works!

Great Job!

-Waleed Sharaf,
Laguna Niguel, CA

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I participated in a focus group of women and was one of the first people to try the product eGenderTest. It was very easy to do and I was very anxious to find out the results. I was about 20 weeks pregnant when did the test. So at 21 weeks I already knew that my son is going to have a baby sister. It was strange at first to see the confirmation only written and not see the baby with my own eyes on the ultrasound, but I got adjusted to the idea pretty fast. By the way, I did a 3D ultrasound at 27 and it confirmed that it's a girl. That I saw it with my own eyes :) So I can say for sure that the product is accurate.

Los Gatos, CA

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-Chalon Mackert,
Centennial Park, AZ

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Easy to use. Results were accurate based upon over 4 ultrasounds. Would recommend.
-Erica H., CA

I loved this service! I was so excited to find out and it was completely accurate. I will definitely use this service again!!!
-Jessica S., CA

Excellent experience, completely accurate, will definitely recommend. It has been so exciting knowing that we now have 2 girls and 2 boys to complete our family.
-Jennifer L., IL

We had our baby and the results were accurate. We had a boy!!
-Erica H., CA

It was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to know the sex of their baby right away. Thanks!
-Gina R., CA

Despite the first test being inconclusive, we are very happy with the experience. It was so exciting knowing we were having a boy so early in our (first) pregnancy!
-Kristi S., PA

I found out via ultrasound @ 7 weeks that I was pregnant with identical twins. I called your customer service or sales department to find out if I could use the kit for identical twins. I ordered online & got my results at 10 weeks. I found out that I was expecting my 3rd & 4th boys! I am so happy with your product I've told everyone I know about it! Getting an early start on (blue) baby shopping is well worth the $300 price of your kit. I am a happy customer!
-Cristin K., CA

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