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Pregnancy: A New Beginning!


With each pregnancy comes a new beginning. The beginning may come instantaneously or after periods of doubt, difficulty, fear or depression as conception proves to be a challenge. But, when the pregnancy comes it is joyous and can be full of hope and wonder. We did it! Hurray, hurray!

As the reality sinks in a door to new thoughts and concerns begins to awaken. How will my pregnancy go, will the baby be OK, will my life change, what will the baby be like, and is this a boy or a girl which brings eGenderTest into the picture.

These are all important questions and having three sons of my own it is good to begin dealing with these up front before the baby arrives. With my first, even though I had been around children for years and years and started babysitting at 14, I had no clue as to the realities of how life changing this event could be on most every level.

With my first gender was not an issue. The goal in our mind was a healthy baby. After having a healthy son, I wanted a daughter with my second pregnancy. I was so "sure" it would be a girl that I started outfitting the nursery for her. When I got the results back on my test, it was another boy. I cried for a day or more and then called back a week later because I thought they must have made a mistake! But, no, they had not. Looking back I was so happy for myself and my son because by the time he arrived I was ready, willing and able to embrace and love him fully which is what both of us deserved.


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