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I'm pregnant and egendertested! What could be next?

After you have taken the time to celebrate the fact that you are pregnant! and have the results of your egendertest, things will eventually begin to settle  down as you adjust to and embrace new realities. As this happens, the focus tends to become  more of an internal one around how you are doing and feeling with the pregnancy. It is a time, especially with first time moms, that you may want to share the experience with those closest to you. And please don't forget to include your husband. It can become  time that the two of you get closer and begin making a bit of room for the new being that will be coming into your lives. It can also be great fun if friends of yours are pregnant at the same time or if a friend is just ahead of you and perhaps has already delivered so clothes can be passed along, and commiseration and listening given as you grow into your very own pregnancy.


Early on you may or may not be aware of changes in your body, feelings or emotions. Some women notice breast tenderness, craving of or losing desire for food, being moodier, already showing a bit of a "baby bump" at just a few weeks or more relaxed while others become more anxious, to name just a few. Some women may hardly know they are pregnant. The same wide range of experiences, feelings and emotions goes for almost every step of the pregnancy. As with so many things in life, there is also a wide variation in terms of how each pregnancy unfolds. This variation can also occur even if it is your second, third or beyond pregnancy. And be aware, that you will, of course, hear about or know the one or two people who claim that their pregnancy was a breeze start to finish. Give them your best regards, but if that is not you, chalk it up to the bell shaped curve, where there are rare, but not unheard of, outliers at either end of the curve. These outliers are:  those who have a calm, simple and amazingly easy pregnancy with zero changes or challenges along the way and those who have horror stories with trauma and drama throughout. These are definitely real but rare, so take heart that chances are that your experiences will be somewhere between these two outliers.

No matter where you fall along the bell shaped curve, it pays to have people around you who are loving, supportive and are there to help rather than those who are competitive or judgmental. There is enough going on with being pregnant without having the latter two in the mix. Think of this as a potential time to have some fun, relax, enjoy, and learn new things about yourself. The overriding goal might be seen as protecting yourself and your pregnancy as you are also expanding relationships with those you love. You are making more steps into your new future. Congratulations!

Until next week! Sandy


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